long slow deep soft wet kisses that last for three days

12 December 1974
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cool is in the eyes of the beholder

it has been said: You know those snarky blue-haired lil old ladies? Well they have met their match! geeksdoitbetter can play bridge, crochet, knit and watch black and white movies with the best of 'em. And she has *real* blue hair :P

yesthattom sez: geeksdoitbetter was born in Spain in 1493. The daughter of a woman with a mysterious background and "whatever came through port that year", she began her career as a missionary at age 16. By age 21, a local politician recognized her acumen for MS-Access and took her to New York as his wife. Sadly, New York didn't exist yet, neither did MS-Access, and... dude, you said "aCUMen". *snarf*

luluisme sez: Resident Zombie Radar

chrish68 sez: Delicious, sexy, and charming.

robin renee's fav geeksdoitbetter quote: complaining about the repetition in kirtan chanting is like moaning about all that sad shit in the blues

jfargo sez: I don't know this person at all, but they're obviously brave, interesting, outgoing, and fun. Now I'm going to read the journal to see if I'm right.

Dislikes:7: beebies, non-schedulers, not keeping your word, standing, summer, sweating, waiting
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